Bloom & Brew Roasts begin with earthy, silky, richly flavored puerh (pronounced poo-air) tea. Each variety is then expertly enhanced with a touch of coffee extract and a mix of roasted dandelion and chicory, as well as additional premium ingredients that result in three distinctly delicious flavor profiles.

Bright Roast

fruity & energizing

Medium-bodied. Vibrant. The complex, lush character of African coffee in every sip. This is Bright Roast.

Fruity & energizing. Vivid notes of citrus and berries accent this unique tea inspired by Third Wave Coffee.

Smooth Roast

robust & nutty

Full-bodied. Elegant. The timeless, hard-working character of South American coffee in every sip. This is Smooth Roast.

Robust & nutty. Gentle notes of caramel and vanilla, serving up the right amount of energy for an all-day drinker.

Spice Roast

bold & herbaceous

Medium-bodied. Nuanced. The delicately spiced character of Asian Pacific coffee in every sip. This is Spice Roast.

Bold & herbaceous. Balanced notes of spice and wood create a flavorful choice for your daily cup.

Coffee Tea Box

Bloom & Brew Tea Sampler

Savor all three of our Bloom & Brew Puerh Black Teas inspired by Third Wave Coffee roasts from Africa, Asia Pacific, and South America for full-bodied flavor without the fuss.

The ideal alternative for your second or third cup of coffee of the day.