Full Bodied Flavor Without the Fuss

Inspired by Third Wave Coffee roasts from Africa, Asia Pacific, and South America, Choice Organics Bloom & Brew Puerh Teas serve as the perfect stand-in for coffee with only half the caffeine for a kick without the comedown. Delivering balanced energy without the jitters, these coffee-inspired tea bags offer a healthier alternative for your second or third cup of coffee.

Bloom & Brew Puerh Black Teas

Smooth Roast

Upbeat character of South American coffee. Robust and nutty with notes of caramel and vanilla.

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Bright Roast

Complex and lush character of African coffee. Juicy and energizing with notes of citrus and berries.

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Spice Roast

Delicately spiced character of Asian Pacific coffee. Bold and herbaceous with notes of spice and wood.

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Discovery Set Gift Box

The perfect gift for coffee and tea lovers alike (yourself included)! Savor all three of our Bloom & Brew Puerh tea boxes.

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Pronounced [Poo-air], our puerh black teas come from the same source as black tea leaves but are expertly processed to yield a richer, earthier aroma, flavor, and character.

How to Brew

Give the blend some time to blossom. Steep the tea bag for 7 minutes in freshly boiled water.

Caffeine Level

Not too strong, not too light – just right.


Our puerh black teas are expertly blended with premium USDA certified organic tea, a touch of coffee extract, and a mix of chicory, roasted dandelion, and other botanicals.

How to Enjoy

The perfect beverage for coffee and tea drinkers, our Bloom & Brew roasts can be enjoyed straight or with a dash of milk and sweetener to complement the unique flavor notes.