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Where can I find Choice Organics tea near me?

Our organic teas can be found in retail locations and online. Check out our WHERE TO BUY page for retailers that stock our organic teas or visit our AMAZON.COM shop page. Please be sure to call your local retailer before arriving to confirm product availability.

Do you ship to Canada or outside of North America?

Yes! Our organic teas are available to ship internationally at iHerb.com.

Are your teas caffeinated?

Our line of organic teas include caffeinated, decaffeinated and caffeine free (herbal) options. Caffeine amounts vary by tea type and specific caffeine amounts can be found on our individual product pages. Browse our ORGANIC TEAS.

Do you offer caffeine free teas?

Yes! Our organic herbal teas are all naturally free of caffeine. Browse our ORGANIC HERBAL TEAS.

What method do you use to decaffeinate your teas?

Our decaffeinated tea leaves are treated using supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2 processing). This process is the only decaffeination method approved for certified organics teas. It is an all-natural process that is free of toxic chemicals. It removes a majority of the caffeine and at the same time preserves the botanical compounds, which impart the flavor of the tea. While a chemical process would strip the caffeine completely from the tea leaves, our process does leave trace amounts of caffeine. Browse our ORGANIC DECAFFEINATED TEAS.

What do the caffeine levels represent on your packaging?

Our tea cartons and envelopes indicate a range of caffeine using a circle scale. The circle is filled in to denote the amount of caffeine. 0 circles (not filled in) represents teas that are caffeine free which include our organic herbal teas. 0.5 circles (half-filled in circle) represents our organic decaffeinated teas that contain trace amounts of caffeine due to our all-natural decaffeination process that is free of toxic chemicals. Our organic caffeinated teas range from 1 to 4 circles, with 4 indicating the highest amount of caffeine. Specific amounts of caffeine can be found on our individual product pages. Browse our ORGANIC TEAS.

Are your teas organic?

Yes! Our manufacturing facility is organically certified by Quality Assurance International (QAI) and our entire line of Choice Organics teas carry the USDA certified organic seal on packaging. Our facility is audited on an annual basis to ensure our process, the ingredients in our teas, and the finished tea formulas adhere to the USDA’s National Organic Programs (NOP’s) strict requirements.

Do any of your teas contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs)?

None of our organic teas contain GMOs. The use of GMO is prohibited in organic products and our entire line is 100% certified organic. In addition, we partner with the non-GMO Project organization and carry the Non-GMO Project Verification seal on all of our products to provide transparency to our consumers.

Are all your teas Rainforest Alliance Certified?

We trust the Rainforest Alliance to certify best practices for people and planet on farms worldwide. We seek out certified ingredients and help our partners earn certification if they haven’t already. We offer a variety of Certified teas including Decaf Earl Grey, Rooibos, Darjeeling, English Breakfast, Decaf English Breakfast, Jasmine Green, Earl Grey, Cocoa Mint Puerh and White Elderflower. Teas that are certified carry the famous Rainforest Alliance frog on packaging.

Don’t see the label? Don’t worry: all our teas are organic and non-GMO certified, and sourced according to rigorous standards for ethics and quality.

Are your teas kosher?

Yes! All of our organic teas are certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union and carry the certification seal on packaging.

Is your tea ethically sourced?

We are proud to share that East West Tea Company (parent company of Choice Organics) is a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership, which develops and implements programs across the globe to create a more fair and sustainable tea industry for tea workers, farmers, and the environment. Learn more about ETHICAL TEA PARTNERSHIP.

Can I see your supplier Code of Conduct?

We take sourcing seriously and hold our suppliers to the highest standards. From organic requirements to quality standards, you can read the same document we require suppliers to sign here.

What allergens are your products free from?

All of our organic teas are made without any of the nine FDA recognized allergens and therefore DO NOT contain milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, sesame, wheat or soybeans.

Do your teas contain gluten?

Our organic teas are gluten free and the facility they are produced in is gluten free.

Do you test your products for chemicals or heavy metals?

Yes! We have stringent quality standards, supply chain controls and testing programs in place to ensure all of the ingredients in our organic teas and finished products meet strict quality and purity standards. To ensure consistency and quality, all of our ingredients are reviewed and tested for heavy metals upon receipt, including lead, and we can confirm that our ingredients comply with FDA standards.

Are your tea cartons recyclable?

Yes! Our tea cartons use 100% recycled paperboard.

Are your tea bags compostable?

Yes! Our staple-free tea bag is fully compostable.

What are your tea bags made of?

Our tea bags use a non-heat sealable filtration paper made from a select blend of high quality manila hemp (abaca) fibers and wood pulp. The filtration paper is oxygen bleached using a natural process that is completely free of chemicals or toxins, including dioxin. Our attached tea bag string is made from organic material.

Are your tea bag wrappers recyclable or compostable?

Unfortunately, at this time our tea bag wrappers are not recyclable or compostable. Our tea bags are packaged inside heat-sealed envelopes that have a thin protective inner lining that acts as a food safety barrier to preserve the freshness and quality of our teas in a variety of shipping and storage conditions. We are continuously looking for alternative solutions and hope to introduce a recyclable or compostable solution in the near future.

How should I store my tea?

We recommend storing your tea away from any moisture and limit exposure to air and light. Our tea bags are packaged inside heat-sealed envelopes that have a protective lining that acts as a food safety barrier, helping to effectively preserve the freshness and quality of our organic tea in a variety of shipping and storage conditions.

Where can I find the expiration date on your products?

The Best Before date is located on the left side of the tea carton in the colored bar space.

Will my tea expire?

Our organic teas are packaged to preserve freshness and quality for up to three years in a variety of shipping and storage conditions. To ensure maximum flavor and freshness for our consumers, Choice Organics teas are stamped with a Best Before date, which indicates three years from the date of manufacture. Choice Organics teas are perfectly safe to enjoy outside of the Best Before window; however, you may notice a difference in potency or flavor after that time.

How do I brew my tea?

We recommend following the suggested brewing instructions found on the back panel of each Choice Organics tea carton and individual tea envelope. This will ensure you give the unique tea blend the correct time to blossom. You can also visit our individual product pages for brewing instructions.

Can I drink my tea cold or over ice?

Absolutely! We recommend using 8 oz. of water per tea bag. Follow the brewing instructions indicated on the back of Choice Organics tea cartons and individual tea envelopes. Once the tea has fully steeped, allow it to cool at room temperature or in the refrigerator.