At Choice Organics, we’re devoted to making the best tea possible. And for us, what makes tea good goes beyond the contents of your mug – from crop to cup, we want to inspire you at every stage of the tea-making journey.

2021 Report

We are thrilled to share with you our first ever Sustainability Report, in which you can read about the challenges we face as makers of great tea, and how we are rising to meet them, including:

  • Stories from farms around the world, details about tea in transit, and metrics we track to ensure we are on the right path.
  • Features on our amazing tea professionals who dedicate their time to include environmentalism, social justice, and ethical business practices in every thoughtful blend.
  • Seeds of future projects that we already can’t wait to tell you about. Sustainability is a journey, and we want to bring you along with us!

Thank you, fellow tea drinker, for inspiring us, every day, to be better. You are important to this work, and we all appreciate your willingness to support us in making sustainable and delicious tea!