At Choice Organics, we’re devoted to making the best tea possible. And for us, what makes tea good goes beyond the contents of your mug – from crop to cup, we want to inspire you at every stage of the tea-making journey.

2022 Report

This year we want to take you beyond the ingredients list and introduce you to the people that grow the ingredients that define Yogi and Choice Organics teas. After all, every ingredient comes from a particular place, nurtured by farmers with names, families, and stories. Every ingredient has traveled far to bring color to your day. Our second sustainability report tells these stories.

We went out into our tea world, spoke with our suppliers about their sustainability practices, and we’re sharing those conversations here, alongside updates from our own operations and collaborations. You won’t find complicated metrics or indecipherable numbers in this report. What you will find is an unfiltered look at what we and our suppliers are doing to produce sustainable and regenerative teas on farms around the world.

Read on for stories about partnerships, communities, and farmers helping farmers. In some stories we’re intimately involved. Other stories simply share how these farmers, creators of the teas you enjoy, are caring for their land, as their parents did before them, and their children will after. We think all these stories are important to understand what our teas are about, and how they’re advancing sustainability globally.

We are the well-being company. Read on to learn how we, and our suppliers, create well-being around the world. Next time you see that ingredients list we hope you’ll remember some stories, and maybe even picture a farmer or two, whose hard work and care breathed life into your tea. Enjoy!