Healthy Homemade Iced Tea for Every Season

Sipping a hot cup of Choice Organics tea is a great way to create space for yourself and tap into the present moment. But when you’re craving a refreshing glass of iced tea, look no further than the Choice Organics tea in your cupboard. It’s quick and easy to take a strong hot brew and cool it down, or try a cold brew method if you’ve got more time to plan ahead.

Black tea, green tea, and oolong tea work particularly well over ice without losing flavor or aroma. Herbal teas are also very refreshing iced, especially hibiscus and fruit blends. Add seasonal ingredients such as berries, fresh herbs and natural sweeteners and you’ve got a healthy, refreshing blend to enjoy.

Hot Brew + Ice

For a quick fix, start with your traditional hot brewing method. The trick is to double the number of tea bags you would normally use. Simply steep for the recommended hot brewing time in freshly boiled water, then pour over ice. The stronger “double strength” brew will water down to perfection as the ice melts.

Perfect Choice Organics Pairings

Adding seasonal fruit, fresh cut herbs and natural sweeteners to your iced tea is a healthy alternative to ready-to-drink, pre-made tea. If you’re looking to sweeten your iced tea or create a fun seasonal beverage, here are some recipes you can try with your favorite Choice Organics tea varieties.

Choice Organics Organic Mint Sage Tea with green apples and honey
Choice Organics English Breakfast Tea with peaches and fresh ginger
Choice Organics White Elderflower Tea with a slice of grapefruit
Choice Organics Peppermint Tea with pomegranate seeds and cranberries
Choice Organics Rooibos Tea with strawberry, rhubarb and basil
Choice Organics Oolong Tea with mango and fresh ginger
Choice Organics Chamomile Tea with lemon slices and rosemary
Choice Organics Jasmine Green Tea with cucumber and mint
Choice Organics Darjeeling Tea with watermelon and basil
Choice Organics Mint Sage Tea with blackberries and lemon
Choice Organics Earl Grey Tea with lavender and honey