Take Time for Yourself and Live Fully

Live Fully with Choice Organics Tea

At Choice Organics, we believe in creating space for those golden moments that light us up and bring us joy. Activities that fulfill us by tapping into our creativity, that feed our curiosity and expand us.

When we intentionally create the space to tap into the present moment and are open to new experiences, life is full of possibilities and inspiration.

We’re here to inspire you, one cup of Choice Organics tea at a time. Get out of the cycle of work-TV-work and instead focus on what it means to live fully. Put down your phone, step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Create a life that is abundantly full of activities that spark your passion and interest.

Taking a moment for yourself is the opportunity to feel truly engaged in your own life so you can give the world the best of you instead of what’s left of you.

We invite you to explore some daily practices and activities that you can incorporate into your day to actively show up for yourself and live fully.

Spend Time Outside in Nature

Get outside and be active. Go for a run, a bike ride, explore a new hiking trail or have a weekend camping adventure with a friend. Attend a local plant walk, join a community garden or find a nearby farmers market to connect with your local growers. Grab a variety of your favorite teas, your thermos and spend time in nature. It allows us to tune in, recharge and connect to the world around us. Check out some of our favorite travel mugs and tea tumblers for your next adventure.

Morning Walks

Wake up, brew your favorite cup of morning tea and take it to-go. Get outside and breathe in the fresh air. Take a new path, walk to a local park or admire your neighbor’s garden. It is a great practice to clear your thoughts, gain clarity and set your intentions for the day to help boost productivity.

Creative Writing and Gratitude Journaling

Find an environment that encourages creative flow, brew a cup of your favorite tea (we like lively and vibrant Organic Peppermint tea) and open to a blank page in your journal. Reflecting on what you are grateful for each day helps you shift to a positive mindset, increase your overall happiness and relationship with others. Morning pages and stream of consciousness writing is a great tool to booster creativity. Check out one of our favorite books, The Artist’s Way. It is filled with inspiring exercises and explorations to tap into your artistic and creative self.

Arts and Crafts

Try a new craft and learn a new skill! You never know what may peak your curiosity and become your next favorite hobby. Create natural dyes using plants from your garden, collect stones from the beach to paint with art, learn how to weave beaded jewelry with a loom, order an embroidery DIY kit, or switch it up and try a new painting medium. Grab a friend to join you and get creating. Check out some of our favorite creative websites to inspire your next project:


Take a cooking class to learn a new skill, order a new cookbook with beautiful imagery and inspiring recipes, cook a family favorite recipe that has been passed down by generations, or explore new cuisines from a place you are dreaming of traveling to. Invite over your neighbors, family or friends and gather around the table. Food is a wonderful way to share, connect and bring us closer together.