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A Q&A About the Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance Certified

Here at Choice Organics, we want our teas to be as whole, just, and delicious as possible, so we work hard to source the best ingredients, care for the environment, and support the communities that grow our tea. Which is why our products are Rainforest Alliance Certified!

What exactly is the Rainforest Alliance?

The Rainforest Alliance is a strong, trustworthy third-party certification that verifies everything we’re doing to make your tea a vehicle for positive change in the world. The Rainforest Alliance Certification addresses key economic provisions and environmental protections, requiring companies to meet the highest standards for alleviating poverty, striving for gender equality, and giving farmers in the developing world the tools they need to build healthier lives. Choice Organics is committed to honoring all people, and we hold our suppliers to high standards where workers are concerned.

How does the Rainforest Alliance Certification work?

The Rainforest Alliance sets standards for a wide array of ingredients, which allows us to verify our best practices across a wider range of teas than other certifications. East West Tea Company (our parent company) sources about 200 different ingredients from a huge number of farms around the world, and we want to help make these farms healthier places to work and grow. The Rainforest Alliance also emphasizes “continuous improvement” during the auditing process on farms, rather than focusing on “yes” or “no” distinctions. We believe this encourages all farms involved to strive to be their best selves. We’re all on a journey to sustainability, and we want to support our farmers every step of the way.

How does the Rainforest Alliance Certification actually help the world?

The Rainforest Alliance’s research shows that sustainable farming practices and professionalizing farming leads to better livelihoods for farmers (Living Income). We see this as a win-win-win: a win for farmers, for the planet, and ultimately for you, the consumer, since sustainably farmed ingredients are higher quality and more flavorsome than conventionally grown plants. As part of the Rainforest Alliance community, we’re proud to support such meaningful work.

All these certifications get so confusing. How can I keep them all straight?

We hear you, but the fact that there are so many proves that they’re doing necessary work. The food system has picked up some bad habits, and a great deal of consumer trust has rightfully been lost. Now, companies like ours are trying to create a better kind of tea by becoming a force for good in the world and proving to you, our customers, that we aren’t all talk. Whether it’s the Rainforest Alliance or B Corp (where we’re also a member), these certifications are helpful tools to differentiate between companies who are actually doing the work and those who are simply trying not to get left behind. To learn more, check out our blog on evaluating packaging claims and choosing organic.

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